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Dealer Application Form
The dealer application form must be filled out in its entirity. Only Weber Service dealerships approved by Weber Automative CORP qualify as a dealer.Upon completion of the Dealer Application form, click on the send buttton at bottom of the page the form will be sent directly to Weber You will receive a automated e-mail confirming the reciept of your e-mail. Weber will contact the Dealership confirming the dealership information. Once the dealership has been confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the log-in information.

Payment Information
Weber a division of EBL Watercraft LLC, is the approved Parts Distributor for Weber Automative USA Weber will supply the spare parts only against advanced payment or against suitable security. Invoices in the USA are settled per credit card payment.

Credit Card Information
This information is required for billing, once this has been recoded the invoices will be processed without the need for the credit card information entered for each order. If you would like to use an different credit card, the credit card information must be filled out for that particular order. This can be completed on the order confirmation information. If you would like change you credit card information, you must resubmit a completed dealer application form.

Service Dealer Cooperation
The Service Dealership will follow the Service Agreement contract signed with Weber Automative/Weber Motor.
The Service Dealer prices are regulated by Weber Automative/Weber Motor and will be billed using the current pricing. The Service Dealership is permitted to set the sales price within the valid margin. However, The recommended sales price is not to be exceeded.

Weber Automative/Weber Motor reserves the right to adapt the non-binding price recommendation at any time and therefore also the purchase prices for the services workshops.

Regarding the direct sale to the customer, the service workshop trades on its's own account. Products obtained from Weber, the present recommended retail price and the Dealer purchase Service price are listed in the dealer ordering section of the web site.

Under the Weber Service agreement, Weber Automative/Weber Motor provides the service workshop with the nessary information for the execution of the work (maintenance, repair, warranty settlement).Note; All warranty claims are the responsibility by Weber Automative/Weber Motor these are the following;

  • Valid spare parts catalog for corresponding motor application.
  • Maintence and repair instructions for all motor applications.
  • Repair times for the warranty according to the particular application Information about pending quality improvements for Weber engines

Contract Period
The Contract between the service workshop and Weber has a minimum period of 2 years. However; either party can cancel at any time. At the end of this minimum contract period, the contract extends to an undetermined time.

The service workshop obligates itself to send an employee at least once a year or at the introduction of a new product repeatedly to a training of Weber Automotive. The Trainings are taken into account seperarately. Contents and composition of the training are announced by Weber Automative/Weber Motor.

All training obligations must be kept current with Weber Automative/Weber Motor. If the service work shop acts contrary to the rules of the contract or relocates, Weber Automative/Weber Motor reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time. The service workshop is obligated to inform Weber Automative/Weber Motor in writing at least three months prior to a relocation.

Failure resulting in a contract cancellation with Weber Automative/Weber Motor will also result in a contact cancellation with Weber

By the completing of this contract and the sending the contract to Weber the dealership has accepted the responsibility and terms of this contract.

Dealer Application Form

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